The New Era In Linkpushing!

Welcome to Linkpushing, The New Era!

We are launching the New Era with a variety of service packages that reflect what is going on in SEO these days. What you will see will be something that we have never offered in the past and it will not be automated as a rule as it had been in the past for any links direct to your site!

Not Automated you say?

Linkpushing was the leader in automated backlinks, WHAT HAPPENED?

Well, back in 2010 when the service started automation was absolutely the way to go to get ranked in Google and stay ranked in Google. That was a time when you could spend 20 minutes a day on SEO and spend the rest of the day working on your golf game or filling your bucket with fish.

Either Google didn’t want us to lower our handicap, wanted to keep us from eating fresh seafood on a regular basis or realized that they needed to adjust their algorithms to recognize a higher level of work effort. With that came numerous adjustments (well over a thousand over the years) to the Linkpushing automated service but at some point we had to realize it was not giving our clients what they deserved and thus are moving to a different model to serve you.

I’m working on an automated tool that will be killer but nothing I would use as we did link Linkpushing back in the day but it will have value at a very reasonable price point.

Now we are offering processes with Linkpushing, The New Era, work in today’s environment that are manual and have been tested hard.

Manual link building using some tools as part of the process with targeted sites that I know are strong and offer authority in the eyes of Google. The process I will now be offering will be a much more hands on approach with my team building the various link packages in a variety of ways in order to get you ranked in 2018 and beyond.

A tremendous amount of testing has gone on to see what will work, what may work and what belongs in the trash can. I’ve gone through over 200 sites in testing alone. Some new, some aged and some rebuilt. Testing using a variety of sites gave us the insight to know what will work to rank your site.

I’m a lousy fisherman but not a bad SEO and although I love to get out on the water it is hard to pull me away from the testing grounds on my computers.

Gone are the days where you can fill in a handful of fields and allow a service to give you the kind of rankings you need.

Sure, automation is still something to consider and use, and in fact we are working on something that could change your life, but without hands on manual linking on proper platforms your site is dead in the water these days.


That is why the old way of building links that we used for years is no longer offered here.


You’ll find some of the strongest link building methods by our team done in a manual fashion that will give you the kind of backlinking structure that Google is sure to love.

Have a look at the SEO packages we offer at  Linkpushing, A New Era!


You’ll be glad you did!