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Introducing Our New Project Manager!

While getting ready to ramp it up in 2019 I realized that to give the best service possible I needed to get someone who has solid IM experience, knows the products and services I offer and has top notch customer service skills. Introducing Rocky, Linkpushing's new Project Manager. I've known and done business with Rocky for years and perhaps as far back as when I started Linkpushing in July 2010 and before.  He has always been a class act and was not afraid to give things a try even if they looked like they might be hard.  His decisions to try some of the harder aspects of Im and succeed indicate that he will find a way if possible and is comfortable...

While getting ready to ramp it...

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For the past few months I've been working with a few different people to be able to recreate the magic that was once Linkpushing from back in the day.  I've spent a fair amount of time and money working on a few different things and am quite pleased with the work that has been done and the level of quality that we are able to put out in terms of a  backlinking strategy that is good for new sites and old. We are offering 3 levels of subscription service: Level One - 5 Links direct, 1,200 - 1,500 links pushing them up.  Buy Now for Only $69.00! Level Two - 12 Links direct, 4,000 - 4,800 links pushing them up. Buy...

For the past few months I've b...

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Automotive Site For Sale – 13,000 Words Easy Competition

We have recently completed as real nice site based on a particular vehicle from a major vehicle manufacturer with some really nice content and very well put together. The site is siloed and all the content is interlinked one way or another and is very Google friendly not only in the site set up but also content and image wise. The content is as solid as one can expect as it is from our team and we only produce content that is rock solid and the keywords are fairly easy to rank as well. Some of the keywords are perfect for Amazon and some would do very well for Adsense so you can make this a blended site if you wanted to and,...

We have recently completed as ...

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Facebook Groups With Almost 200K Members For Sale

I know that many of you have seen me sharing about how I bank on FB but many of you do not know that I have a whole slew of groups under my control and will after this sale as well.


I’m looking to divest some of the groups (I’ll probably sell off the rest next year)  I Admin because my VA, who I love and trust without any reservations, is moving forward and she no longer has the time to manage these for me plus I’m going in a different direction and eliminating some of the workload I have on my plate.
So with her moving on, and I hope she KILLS it, I need to either get another VA or make adjustments in what I do on a daily basis and managing all these groups is not in my day to day.
If you know how to make money with groups this is a stupendous opportunity as you would control the group from A – Z.  If you do not know how to make money with groups this could be an opportunity for you to learn but not from me as I’m not going to mentor or coach the buyer.
Some of these groups are growing pretty fast and some are growing slowly but the are all growing so there is always going to be fresh blood for you to market to.

Amazon Site Related to The Pet Niche

We are on the edge of completing an Amazon site that is related to the pet niche with 10,000 ~ words that should make you some decent cash.  In that it is an evergreen niche it should be good for you for years.

Although I initially targeted Amazon for this you can use Adsense also if you choose as it should pay pretty good for the kinds of keywords that we have targeted.

If you decide to use Amazon the average price of the product is in the $50.00 range and in the pet niche people have no problem spending money and Amazon is a trusted go to source for pet owners.

Here are some stats on the targeted keywords:

keyword: <redacted>
Searches Volume 1,064
CPC: $2.37

Google My Business!

Google My Business Instant Verification Are you targeting local businesses or offer a service in certain local markets? Do you have a business but no physical address and you would like to show on google? Does your business need additional listings yet you are unable to get them as you don't have a physical location where you need the additional listings? Have you been shot down trying to get a GMB listing for one reason or another? Odds are we can help! According to google 80% of clients use their mobile phone to search for local business on google! 80%! And you know what, the first thing they see are the GMB listings so odds are they are going to contact them before scrolling down and seeing a...

Google My Business Instant Ver...

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Finance WebSite For Sale

Don’t be sad if you missed out on this as we are working on a few more for you, Folks.  Since all the sites are going to have varying amount of content, different keywords and different SEO in place there will be some variance in the pricing.

Here’s what the buyer said!

He had a few more things in that email but they were specific to the site and the vision for the site, asked what I thought he should do going forward, etc and since they are site specific I did not include them.

I’m so looking forward to see the new owners rock and roll with this site and see them successful on a variety of levels!

Feel free to pop back on here now and then to see the next one I put up for sale!



Over 35,000 words with just a few published ready to go.

Low competition (see link below) and sure to be able to be easy to rank.

This could be a real money maker without having to do a ton of SEO and we are currently building out some SEO as it stands and the SEO alone is worth well over $450.00.