Facebook Groups With Almost 200K Members For Sale

I know that many of you have seen me sharing about how I bank on FB but many of you do not know that I have a whole slew of groups under my control and will after this sale as well.


I’m looking to divest some of the groups (I’ll probably sell off the rest next year)  I Admin because my VA, who I love and trust without any reservations, is moving forward and she no longer has the time to manage these for me plus I’m going in a different direction and eliminating some of the workload I have on my plate.
So with her moving on, and I hope she KILLS it, I need to either get another VA or make adjustments in what I do on a daily basis and managing all these groups is not in my day to day.
If you know how to make money with groups this is a stupendous opportunity as you would control the group from A – Z.  If you do not know how to make money with groups this could be an opportunity for you to learn but not from me as I’m not going to mentor or coach the buyer.
Some of these groups are growing pretty fast and some are growing slowly but the are all growing so there is always going to be fresh blood for you to market to.

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Automotive Site For Sale – 13,000 Words Easy Competition

We have recently completed as real nice site based on a particular vehicle from a major vehicle manufacturer with some really nice content and very well put together.

The site is siloed and all the content is interlinked one way or another and is very Google friendly not only in the site set up but also content and image wise.

The content is as solid as one can expect as it is from our team and we only produce content that is rock solid and the keywords are fairly easy to rank as well.

Some of the keywords are perfect for Amazon and some would do very well for Adsense so you can make this a blended site if you wanted to and, had I decided to keep it that is exactly what I would do.

The Amazon products run from a low of $15.00 to a high of a little over $500.00 but realistically the average sale is going to be a tad over $100.00.  You should get some of the lower sales at $15.00 and change and you will probably get a few sales in the $5000.00 range but the majority of the products are in the $100.00 range.   The nice thing about a $100.00 product is that the purchase is an impulse one and your sales should be higher than normal relative to the traffic you send from your link.

Since the niche is automotive based you can certainly do more keyword research and come up with a bunch more products and really build this puppy out.  I could easily see this as a 75 – 100 page site with almost as many products which could get you tons of traffic.

Also, the site is pretty specific as to the brand and vehicle model so you are going to get people who are looking for something in particular and those people are usually ones with their wallet open, their credit card in hand, and looking to spend some cash.

You can drive traffic from a variety of platforms as well.  Adwords will be very reasonable based on the CPC, Facebook will have a bunch of groups you can join and share in, and there are lots of forums related to this niche and people that would be going to those forums and Facebook groups are dialed into their rides so they are going to have no issue spending.

There has been some minimal SEO, has a Youtube channel with a couple of videos on it and a blogger page linking in that has some nice links to it in order to make that a backdrop link for the site.  I could suggest other SEO for you and would even discount a few of my packages should you want to buy our SEO for it.

Here are the KWs we have in place now which are quite rankable:

You can see what is Amazon and what would work for Adsense there and, if someone goes to the site for KW 1, odds are they are going to be interested in some of the other pages which target the other keywords.

You can have this site in your portfolio for $1,350.00 and you should have it ranking fairly quickly.  It’s attractive, placeholders are there for your ads so you just replace them with your advertising and very easy to navigate.

  • Siloed site with 13K words.
  • Easy competition in an evergreen niche.
  • Youtube channel with some videos in place and others ordered.
  • Some SEO done to wake it up.
  • Perfect for Amazon and Adsense!
  • Blogger page with aggressive SEO linking to it in a unique linkpushing manner.
  • 10 very strong PBN links added to the site.
  • Discounted SEO from me if you want as a bonus.

Interested, shoot me an email – greg@linkpushing.net and we’ll see about making this site yours.

Amazon Site Related to The Pet Niche

We are on the edge of completing an Amazon site that is related to the pet niche with 10,000 ~ words that should make you some decent cash.  In that it is an evergreen niche it should be good for you for years.

Although I initially targeted Amazon for this you can use Adsense also if you choose as it should pay pretty good for the kinds of keywords that we have targeted.

If you decide to use Amazon the average price of the product is in the $50.00 range and in the pet niche people have no problem spending money and Amazon is a trusted go to source for pet owners.

Here are some stats on the targeted keywords:

keyword: <redacted>
Searches Volume 1,064
CPC: $2.37

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Local SEO Domination

There are a number of ways to generate leads for your local business or service and one of the best is using videos.

People eat them up like free candy and just love to watch them.

Ranking videos can be problematic for some but we have developed a system whereby we will rank videos we create for keywords that are relevant to your local business or service.

In fact we will do that for 75 videos for you at the low price of 347.00 and get a bunch ranked so that you have blanket coverage for the business you represent!  Send me an email to see a sample report – greg@linkpushing.net

75 videos with keywords relative to your business or service!

Forget spending on Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and all the rest!

Forget worrying about getting in or staying in the “three pack”!

Get traffic from videos that will be there forever (well as forever as one can ask from YT) and pay a one time fee as opposed to having your credit card charged each and every month!

Here are some types of businesses that benefit in a huge way from this kind of service”

Lawyers, Dentists, Hotels, Doctors, Florists, Roofers, Health clubs, Contractors, Plumbers, Landscapers and lawn maintenance companies… just about any business at all that is going to use Google or Youtube to find a solution to a need that they have on a local level.

But… forget all the pretty rhetoric that I can generate and have a look at some of the pictures below for videos we created for my own SEO service on a local level.

That is my cell number; 386-601-4339 and I live just outside of Gainesville, Florida.

This is money, Folks, money in your clients’ pockets and money in your pockets.

Click here to buy now!


Finance WebSite For Sale

Don’t be sad if you missed out on this as we are working on a few more for you, Folks.  Since all the sites are going to have varying amount of content, different keywords and different SEO in place there will be some variance in the pricing.

Here’s what the buyer said!

He had a few more things in that email but they were specific to the site and the vision for the site, asked what I thought he should do going forward, etc and since they are site specific I did not include them.

I’m so looking forward to see the new owners rock and roll with this site and see them successful on a variety of levels!

Feel free to pop back on here now and then to see the next one I put up for sale!



Over 35,000 words with just a few published ready to go.

Low competition (see link below) and sure to be able to be easy to rank.

This could be a real money maker without having to do a ton of SEO and we are currently building out some SEO as it stands and the SEO alone is worth well over $450.00.

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Edu and Gov Links

Links from .EDU and .GOV sites add significant authority to a site and are something one should add in as part of a complete backlink infrastructure.

They will not skyrocket your site to the top of Google in minutes, nor will any other links for that matter, but having them as part of your infrastructure is imperative in order to build authority, add SEO value and increase the diversity of your back links.  A diverse and balanced backlink profile is something that Google takes into account and adds to the overall picture when Google is ranking your site.

These types of links are also safe for a new site and great for an established one as well so you can feel comfortable using them for any site that you need to rank in Google.

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Why Backlinks Matter

The Reason We Use Backlinks To Rank Sites.

Over the last few years, SEO has evolved into levels where the past techniques for achieving better search engine results are not effective anymore. These techniques include keyword stuffing, adding low quality content on your website and creating a massive number of backlinks on irrelevant pages. However, high quality backlinks are still (and will always be) something that will dominate the entire SEO process. So if you’re new into an online business market, considering a good backlinks building strategy should be a big deal for your business.

Search engines consider backlinks as votes for a website and therefore more votes will lead to the better chance of ranking your page. However, this process is much more complex than it sounds. It’s not essentially the quantity of links pointing to your website but the quality of those links. In simple words, you should aim to build links on high authority websites with

Close-up of several rusty metallic chain links wrapped around a wood log with the bark partially wearing off.

relevance to your content. In order to track the authority of any particular page or a website, you may use tools such as MOZ and Majestic.

Now the links pointing back to your website can be further divided into 2 main sub-categories:

Dofollow links
Nofollow links

Each of these links has their own way of contributing to the overall success of your SEO campaign.

Dofollow links:

All websites contain an element known as “link juice”. This link juice helps the website to get a better placement on search engines. In short, the more link juice you point to any particular page, the better it will rank on search engines. The easiest method for acquiring link juice is to create dofollow backlinks. When you create a dofollow backlink for your page on any high authority website, some of its link juice will start getting shared to your page.

It’s true that dofollow backlinks hold a major stake in improving your search engine ranking; you still need to be very careful and picky about the pages you’re building the links on. This requires reasonable research about that website and page. Most common elements for research include:

Number of outbound links on that page: It’s best to have a low number of outbound links on that page.

Backlinks of that page: Make sure that this page doesn’t have backlinks on spammy websites which are likely to get hurt by search engine algorithms.

Nofollow links:

Nofollow backlinks don’t pass on the link juice but they are still very useful to cover other aspects of SEO. Giant search engines (such as Google) give more Continue reading