Tweak Your Money Sites

If you are not doing this on a regular basis you could be losing money... leaving money on the table... letting the other guy get your cash. I regularly check my sites from the view of an outsider and see where I am failing so that I can get a better ROI on my visitor. That could be anything from: 1) Change the ad placement. Ad placement is huge and if your ads are not being seen or are being seen too late you could be missing out on cash. Move things around and see what works best for your site. Sure, Read more →

Linkpushing 2014 Case Study Rankings

As many of you know, Kevin and I own and we use it just like we use for our own sites. Here are some images from there showing some rankings from Linkpushing 2014. And another:   One site has had more time in our hands and the other is actually a fairly new site that I am using for testing... of course these testing sites I have in my bad I end up setting up as money sites for me because they end up ranking and generating revenue. Read more →

Linkpushing Moves Into A New Era!

For close to 4 years Kevin and I have been providing this service and getting people ranked for a variety of websites with tens of thousands of keywords.  Essentially the service was a content based one where the majority of the backlinking was in the form or articles and other heavily based content sites. In addition to that we had a lot of private sites that we used in order to get clients to the front of the search engines and that was a great way for our automated backlink service to give our clients a nice bang for their buck Read more →

How I Ended Up Making A Living in the Internet Marketing Industry

So I was thinking a little about my journey in the internet marketing industry that began back in 2006 and thought I would share some of my travels so that others can see how easy and how hard it is to make a living online. Back when I started in the industry I had just sold a business and was looking for something to do but had plenty of time to figure it out since I was sitting on a couple of dollars from a few good years and thought to see how people made a living working on the internet. Read more →

Tag Randomization Now in Place

We recently implemented a change in the tag generation process in our service. Previously we would use all your keywords in each linkpush for the tags but after a discussion with a client we saw a better way to use tags. Now we have in place for each article somewhere between 2 - 7 keywords which will appear as tags and these are randomized across the X number of keywords supplied when you input the information for your linkpush. For instance if you used 'linkpush, linkpushes, link push, link-push, link-pushing, linkpush guys' as your keywords you can now expect to have them Read more →

Setting Up Your Keywords in a Linkpush for Linkpushing 5

If you follow this blog, see me on any of the Internet Marketing Forums, are part of any SEO groups (virtual or in real life) in which I participate or just happen to randomly get stuck having a cup of coffee with me you will have heard me say more than 88 times, "Diversify Your Backlinks!". I'm pretty annoying about making sure that people get that message (well pretty annoying in every other aspect as well). As website owners we are not always looking to achieve keyword domination.... actually we should not always have that as our focus.  What we should really Read more →

Conversational Keywords make Great Camouflage Content

One of the ways I start my Keyword Research is using conversational keywords... words and phrases that come to mind just as if I was having a conversation with a friend, family member or colleague.  For instance if I was talking about linkpushing with my friend and partner, Kevin, we would talk about a variety of other backlinking processes, ideas and thoughts that we and others have about off site SEO and use those keywords in our research. Even if those keywords have no ranking qualities (searches, local or global and competition) I still use them on my money sites and Read more →

Linkpushing 5.0 is Now Live

We have recently made some HUGE updates with Linkpushing... HUGE! What is commonly considered the most popular and easiest Search Engine Optimization service has now developed snowflake backlinking technology with the most recent updates. Now no linkpush backlink structure will be the same as any other with updated automated platform as we now offer 5 tiers, 15, keywords, 3 urls and over 1500 available public and private properties that are involved in the linkpush process. Of course you won't get all 1500 properties in each linkpush as that would leave a footprint but the number of properties in our proprietary platform is Read more →

Snowflake Backlink Technology

Snowflake back link technology is a process implemented by the team at and is unique to our particular service.  The backlink structure set up when a linkpush is created contains a myriad of different property types with over one thousand five hundred (1500) available properties. Those properties can show up on any of the five different tiers when a linkpush is generated and, of course, not all properties are involved in each of the individual linkpushes to maintain the random chaotic process that has worked so well over the years to rank web sites. As most folks know Read more →