A Totally New Feature!

Just the other day, we (of course by we, I mean Kevin) have added a new feature to the process to enhance your linkpushing process. Now, when you build a linkpush, it will not only generate the linkpush itself, but a page on our site will also be generated in PDF format with your spun article and a link to your money page.

Since we have hundreds of new linkpushes being created daily from clients that are using our service, we will have hundreds of new pages being added daily to linkpushing.net thus creating an authority site.  So now you also get  a backlink to your money site from an authority site as part of your package for each linkpush you create and unlike Wikipedia this is a do follow link.

The pages that are generated in PDF format have only one outbound link so there is no dilution of the link juice for that link that is pointed to your money site. So now when you log into your account and click the view submits button you’ll see an additional icon that will take you to the page we created with your outbound link.

I sure that in due time you’ll really be happy that this feature has been added.

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