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Google’s New Algorithm Changes

Recently Google announced that they were going to discount the rankings for low quality sites and ones that copy content from other sites as well as increase the rankings of sites that are of higher quality and with original content with their new algorithm changes. That is good news for those that subscribe to the service we provide because the content that is submitted to the article directories and Web 2.0 properties using our service is original content due to the quality of the spinning process with the best spinner. If you have good on site SEO with clean unique content and Read more →

New Google Algo Change

The word is that Google is altering its algo to change the importance it gives to certain types of links. Its good news for our Link Pushing subscribers. Check out the full article here Read more →

Linkpushing Service Upgraded!

After a lot of coding and testing, our esteemed technologist Kevin, has been able to make the linkpushing service even better! httpvh:// Now, all one has to do is to enter three things and a linkpush will be created for you automatically! No more article writing, no more outsourcing to article writers, no more spinning your article, Read more →

Make Your Resource Box Work For You!

Here’s a tip for those of you to get people to read and react to your resource box.  Instead of ending your article in the body of your article, end your article with a compelling call to action in your research box. For instance, do not end your article with the words, “Thanks for reading my article about widgets, I hope you learned something”. End your article as though you still have something to say and make the resource box Read more →

A Few Tips on How to Write an Article Easily and Quickly

For a lot of people, writing an article is not something that comes naturally and I would like to share a way you can get articles written easily and one I use when I have some kind of writing block. First thing you should do is to not sit down with the idea of writing an article… sounds backwards but backwards can work here.  Sit down as if you were going to have a cup of coffee with a friend.  The idea here is to write as if talking to a friend as that takes some of the “I have to Read more →

Full Service LinkPushing is Now Good to Go!

We have expanded our service options with our automated linkpushing to make your life even easier.  The new option that has been added now gives you the opportunity to just supply us with your keywords and we will take it from there and do everything! We will create a quality article, scintillating titles, interesting bookmarking titles, a compelling resource box... everything will be done on our end. All you have to do is to provide your keywords for us to create everything for you and Read more →

Linkpushing Bio Tips

The Bio or Resource box is what the article directories and blogs use to give you the opportunity to plug your money site.  With that being said, you have the opportunity to do a few different things in your bio that you can do to optimize your bio. First and foremost make sure that you point to your money site properly.  <a href="http://www.your">Your Money site</a> is the way to properly Read more →

The Ease of Automated LinkPushing

I'd like to give you an idea as to how easy it is to use our automated link push process as well as explain my diagrams a little more in depth.  This post will have a bunch of pictures as well as a link to a video we made to explain the ease of using our service and the physical result you will see from it.  Initially, once you click the login button on the main page you'll see the following: You enter your login credentials and you'll see the actual page where you insert the details of your linkpush.  We Read more →

Full Service Link Pushing!

We have had a lot of suggestions from our valued clients and are implementing some of them as we figure out how to make those changes and add-ons smoothly. Several of you have asked for a "Full Service Linkpush" option and we are going to be offering that in the very near future. The full service linkpushing option will cover everything from the Read more →