Linkpushing How to Build a LinkPush

A lot of people are asking how much of a pain is it to set up a linkpush using the linkpushing service that we provide.  Truth be told it is a piece of cake once you have a spinnable article.   It’s merely a matter of minutes to set up a linkpush using’s seay to navigate form.

The form to produce a linkpush is a fill in the blanks one requiring the following information:

Name – How you will refer to this Linkpush, it is an internal thing for you alone.

Title – The title of your Linkpush that you want for the world to see.  Make it spinnable for best results.

Category – Not all blogs require it but most article directories do so we need one.

Page URL – Your Money Site

Excerpt – About 200 characters of a synopsis of your article.  Make it spinnable for best results.  Many use the first sentence or two of their article.

Body – Your Spinnable article for the linkpushing software to publish (shoud be 450 – 550 words).

Keywords – please separate them by a comma.

Domains – not the domains you want to publish on but rather what subdomain you would want for your linkpush.  If you are promoting blue shoes, you would want blueshoes.wordpress so enter blueshoes.   You can actually have up to three different ones.

Bookmark titleMake this spinnable as well and be sure to use your keywords in the title.

Bio – This is used by most article directories and should have your money site in a url here.  It’s easy to forget to put your money site url in this spot but if you do not, you may not get a backlink from some article directories.  Put your site in as <a href=””> Blue Shoes </a>… miss this and your push is Dead in the Water!

Blogs – you have a bunch to choose from… don’t choose all of them, mix them up for the various linkpushes you generate.

Articles – Follow the same directions as the blogs.

Bookmarks – Follow the same directions as the blogs as well.

Click the “Submit Page Details” button.

You are done and now you can sit back and let our service do the work for you and thank you for using as part of your SEO efforts.

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