SEO and The Link Push Process

Search Engine Optimization covers a whole lot of different things… site optimization, various back link techniques, where a site has back links coming from and is confusing at best to most people that start an internet marketing careers.

Our idea is a kin to “bum marketing” whereby one gets traffic from free article directories and Web 2.0 sites.  The idea is two fold; get targeted visitors from the articles that are on the Web 2.0 properties via links in the articles and get link juice from the links in the articles.

As opposed to sending all the links to the money sites, we have some of the sites promote other sites in order to push juice through to the money site.  It is similar to having one person pushing a rock up a hill and another person pushing that person to aid them pushing the rock up the hill.  It’s not a direct push but it gives the initial person more strength which in turn makes it easier to push the rock… sort of like in a rugby scrum.

Basic Link Push Diagram

The initial idea that I had with linkpushing has morphed into something even more random and even harder for the search engines to see.  As opposed to a specific number of links in a push as I originally had, we are finding that randomizing that number is a better way to generate a push.  Where as some keyword phrases may need 20 back links to rank, others may need 60 while some may need 40 so randomizing the amount of links in a push is really the way to go.

We originally knew that using the same Web 2.0 properties in the same order was not a good idea as that would create a footprint and now we are seeing that it is good to leave out some Web 2.0 properties completely when you make more than 1 push for a particular keyword phrase.

As the link push process morphs, so will the automation of the process as it is, as is everything SEO, a dynamic process.

Here is an extended linkpush diagram that shows you the process we use to give added strength to the link push structure if the basic link push didn’t move you enough in the search engines.

Extended Link Push Diagram

One can continue to add hubs and give link juice to their hubs using this process as well as add new linkpushes for additional keyword phrases or to bolster the initial keyword phrase that you are trying to rank for.

Although this looks like an awful lot of work it really isn’t if you use tools like The Best Spinner to spin your articles or if you use the automated link push process we offer.

Do Link Wheels Still Work?

The link Wheel, as it was originally generated, is no longer an effective method of getting your site ranked.  The simple six spoke wheel that links all the sites together in a circular fashion and then links all sites to the money site is outdated because the search engines caught on to it’s lack of randomness.

Random Chaos is what appeals to the search engines… sites linking all around your money site, not structurally connected in such a way that the eyes of Google et al can recognize a structure will generate a much better position in the search engines than the structure that is visible even to the human eye.  If the structure is visible and obvious to the human eye, how much more do you think that the search engines see?

When the linkwheel was at it’s height in terms of popularity, many linkwheel services arose and a lot of link wheel software programs began to hit the market.  Unfortunately many of those linkwheel softwares are still out there producing an product that will not help you long term and many linkwheel services have closed up shop or morphed into something different.

So, if you are kicking around the idea of hiring a company for linkwheels services or considering buying some linkwheel software, remember  it may help in the short term but the benefits will not last.  Evidence of the downturn of linkwheels, linkwheel services and linkwheel software can be found here –

What was once a thriving business has turned into a ghost page.

LinkPushing Service Explained

How hard is it to use the Automated Linkpushing Service?

If it was any easier a caveman could do it!

First, you’ll need the following:
•    One spinnable article in this format {Joe|Larry|John} {went|walked|jogged}
•    Article Title – Can be spinnable as well (recommended)
•    Your money url
•    Your keywords
•    Bookmark Title – this will be your link anchor text for bookmarks
•    An author bio for your articles
Then you login to your account and simply copy and paste that info into the respective boxes!

After you copy and paste, just click the box next to the Web 2.0 properties you want to use in your push,
click on the boxes next to the article directories you want to us and finally click on the boxes next to
the social bookmarking sites you want to use.

Hit Submit and let the automation create your accounts, your posts and bookmark and ping the Web 2.0 sites
as well as submit the RSS feeds.  During the process, you can look in your account and see the progress of your
push while the system does ALL the work!

Once completed, we aggregate your RSS feeds and supply them to you so you can do extra promotion if you wish!

Aside from the preparation, your time creating a LinkPush will be less than 3 minutes!

Imagine that, 3 minutes of your life and you could have as many as 43 sites with links pointing all over the place
giving your website some of the best link juice it ever had!

So, what are you waiting for… take advantage linkpushing service by using the 7.00 trial version
we are offering to new members right here –

Why I decided to buy The Best Spinner

As an avid writer, I believe the only way to build a website and to write articles pointing to my websites is to have readable unique content.  I know there is a theory that unique content is not necessary and was espoused by Linus/Lemonarian who introduced the internet world to link wheels as well as other successful internet marketers.

I also know that many people are not the fastest nor do they like to write so I can see why using duplicate content is something they do.  For me to put together a 450 – 500 word article is generally something I can do inside of 15 minutes if it is a topic with which I am familiar.

Quite frankly, if those that use duplicate content would take the time to rewrite, spin or just plain write a completely new article, I believe they would be even more successful.  That process can be outsourced for a reasonable amount or you can use tools to spin your content.  Most spinners do not produce an article that is easy on the reading eyes and produce an article that makes little sense.

TheBestSpinner operates in a different way than any other spinning tool that I have come across.  It uses synonyms from other users as it is internet based so you can pick and choose what is already being used or you can use your own synonyms if they are not listed.  You can actually spin a 500 word article in about 5 – 10 minutes and end up with a bunch of well written articles that make sense and wold pass copyscape.

Another feature that I find great is that the software will tell you the percentage of uniqueness in the toolbar at the top.  For those of you that are looking to publish your article on Ezine or another quality article site, this can save you some time and embarrassment.

The fellow that put this together, Jon Leger, has done a great job making the process very user friendly and even offers a 7 day trial of the product to see if you would like to subscribe to the service.   It is priced reasonably and is updated on a regular basis as well.

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