Tag Randomization Now in Place

We recently implemented a change in the tag generation process in our service. Previously we would use all your keywords in each linkpush for the tags but after a discussion with a client we saw a better way to use tags.

Now we have in place for each article somewhere between 2 – 7 keywords which will appear as tags and these are randomized across the X number of keywords supplied when you input the information for your linkpush.

For instance if you used ‘linkpush, linkpushes, link push, link-push, link-pushing, linkpush guys’ as your keywords you can now expect to have them as your anchor text in your article and would see all of them used “at various times” as your tags; sometimes 2 would show up, sometimes 3 would show up, sometimes 4 would show up and so on to as many as 7 showing up. That randomness will give your anchor text backlinking more value in the eyes of the search engines because your tags are not something that is duplicated over and over again.

Kudos to the particular client for pointing out the benefit of the change, for our testing team for giving it the once over and Kevin for the speedy implementation… as you can see, I’m real fortunate to be running with people that have a good head on their shoulder and don’t mind doing a little work.