Who are these Link Push People?

We are internet marketers… just like you.  We have websites that are monetized that we drive traffic to in order to have our visitors click on an offer, click on an adsense ad or buy a product.

In general, we provide quality content to get a good ranking in the search engines to get targeted traffic.  One of us is an avid writer and can pound out unique articles all day long and has over 10,000 unique articles on many different Web 2.0 properties throughout the web.  Owning close to 30 websites, he generates over $25,000 USD on a monthly basis.

The other partner in this is a top of the line programmer and often travels the world offering his outstanding services to world renowned companies.  If you have been on a plane there is a chance that he has written some of the software that gives the pilot certain information to keep the plan operating at it’s peak.  Having the training and experience in the programming field has made it possible for us to offer the Automated Backlinking process.  His innovative programming ideas are coveted by anyone that is familiar with his programming.

Together we make a unique team that knows SEO and can provide a top of the line service to web site owners for just about any vertical or niche that they site owner is working to rank.

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