For the past few months I’ve been working with a few different people to be able to recreate the magic that was once Linkpushing from back in the day.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time and money working on a few different things and am quite pleased with the work that has been done and the level of quality that we are able to put out in terms of a  backlinking strategy that is good for new sites and old.

We are offering 3 levels of subscription service:

Introducing Dickens!

We have created a content creating tool we call Dickens that puts out readable, unique and often interesting to read content that ties to keywords and makes the content relevant to the keyword one wants to rank for on their site.  Frankly that was a bear to build but the result is a quality content builder that I’d be happy to use on any site of mine and most certainly on any backlink that is linking into my sites.

Dickens was born last year and we fed him, exercised him, taught him the Alphabet and then put a pen and paper in his hand and he has just grown into a content machine that takes keywords, keyword phrases, suggestions and ideas and produces some of the sweetest automated content I have ever seen and I’d tried a lot of different processes.

He’s not perfect but he is very strong in his content production and often amazes us at the quality he produces.  Although I’m not technical I did develop the framework for what needed to go into him so that a couple of technicians could build him as I wanted and those guys did an outstanding job.

Our Spinner!

I’ve gone ahead and taken the framework of a spinner and customized it to be a better product than any I have seen on the market as a commercial product.  Again, there was a bunch of work involved (yeah, I didn’t actually do the work because I’m a tech moron but I have a great team) and we went through a bunch of bumps and bruises in the process.  Again though, it was worth the effort.

Our Tiers

We have built a semi-automated process that will give our clients a quality backlinking infrastructure at a price point that is fair and reasonable.  It is a tremendous way to build backlinks that are going to have a positive effect on almost any site and we have added in some features that we see as necessary for a backlinking service.

Automatically we add in generic anchors.

Automatically we add in brand anchors.

Automatically we add in naked urls.

We won’t allow you to over optimize your linking using our service and would never recommend you do it with any other service or with any commercial tool that might be out there for one to grab.

I’m an SEO… have been for years and I dig learning, testing, breaking, building, generating, ranking and all the other crazy stuff that an SEO scientist might find interesting.  The rest of the world looking in thinks that living in that world is nuts at the very least, and they may well be 100% spot on correct, but I’m OK with them having that opinion.

OK, enough with the rhetoric, what in the world do we have in place now?

Tiered linking as I have been preaching since 2008 or 2009.  That is not going anywhere anytime soon and probably never going away as part of a SEO strategy that has any long term value.  I still do “non-tiered” links but those are usually camouflage as opposed to built to kick sites to the front of the search engines.  The juice is in pushing links, hence the name “Linkpushing“.

Tier 1 – We build a base of quality links using our content creation tool, images that are relevant and SEO friendly, on free properties and back those links with 2 tiers of other links to push those up in the search engines.

Tier 2 – The second tier of links are going to be a variety of Web 2.0s and other associated backlinks and the third tier will be generated using a tool that we developed a while back but have been tweaking for some time now that will give a random variety of links.

Tier 3 – Straight up, the third tier links are not going to have a boatload of power and are not designed to have much power but rather are there to give a bit of an extra push and add to the indexing process.

The first and second tier are going to be decent links and most certainly should have an effect on an average site when it comes to helping it rank in Google.

In addition to that, some of the tier one links are going to rank and if you have a site that ranks linking into your site, and it is a relevant site, that has a legitimate effect on your rankings as Google et al sees you don’t just have garbage linking in.

Garbage linking in = garbage rankings.

To start off with we are offering 3 levels of subscription service:

The tiers are going to give you random numbers so that there is no footprint and the amount of links to each tier one link is going to vary as well.  This works and works well and we are expecting to see big things from your sites as we move forward as well as some increased offers for those of you that have larger sites and bigger needs.

Reports of the work done will be shared in an Excel file and all the links will be going through at least 3 different indexers… the indexers will be random as using the same indexers for all the links is nothing but a footprint generator and we all know we don’t want that.

The process takes a little more time than the old days because the quality has increased exponentially and I have the results emailed to you as opposed to an online report currently.  The little extra wait is well worth it as you will see a product delivered that just might wow you, and more so, give your site the rankings you want it to have.

Quality content, quality links, pushed to get your site ranked… what’s not to like?

Edu and Gov Links

Links from .EDU and .GOV sites add significant authority to a site and are something one should add in as part of a complete backlink infrastructure.

They will not skyrocket your site to the top of Google in minutes, nor will any other links for that matter, but having them as part of your infrastructure is imperative in order to build authority, add SEO value and increase the diversity of your back links.  A diverse and balanced backlink profile is something that Google takes into account and adds to the overall picture when Google is ranking your site.

These types of links are also safe for a new site and great for an established one as well so you can feel comfortable using them for any site that you need to rank in Google.

We offer two levels of service and both come with a third party indexing service at no extra charge.  We drip feed them though so that you do not have instant Continue reading

Bespoke SEO

Fancy title for hands on, get dirt under my fingernails, sweat like a roofer in the summertime SEO provider.

Hand On SEO is probably more like it but I don’t get to use fancy verbiage too often so I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity.

If you would rather hand off the entire workload of making the decisions, or don’t see anything that fits your specific needs or just plain have better things to do than occupy your time doing all the analysis and choosing what will help your site rank, then leave it to me.

I have an extensive background in SEO on many different levels dealing with many different niches and types of sites which include both local and global SEO requirements.  I’ve been at this game since about 2007 or 2008 (I’m really not sure of the year) and have come up with some very innovative ways to rank sites and drive traffic to sites.

Straight up you’ll pay more than if you were to decide on how to handle things on your own but there is some real value in you attending to what you know best and allowing someone who is a professional at a craft attend to ancillary things in your life.

Should you want to kick around what I can do for you site in a hands on situation just hit me up here –  and we’ll get together and see what I can do for you and see if that fits your vision.

Here are some of the reasons you want to hire the Linkpushing team to Rank Your Site!

1) You hire a mechanic for your car because he specializes in vehicle repair. You hire him because he stays on top of the latest service bulletins from the car manufacturers. You hire him because he knows cars inside and out. You hire him because, although you think you can do a particular repair you may just leave something out and you are stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

2) Time = Money. That is right, you have X amount of time and X amount of money. Sure you would like more of both but the clock is always going to be a 24 hour item and we can’t help you there. We can help you with money though as better rankings in the search engines turns into more money in your pocket as more targeted visitors means more signups, purchases, clicks on your PPC ads and more impressions.

3) An expanding base of keywords that relate to your site are a real key to increasing your unique visitors. Narrowing your base of keywords will hurt your traffic volume based on searches alone and Google would rather that you have a broader base so you look more authoritative in their eyes.

4) Google’s dynamic algorithm. Google changes the way it chooses which sites will show up on the first page of it’s search engines more often that your average Joe knows. Sure most of us hear about the Penguin, Panda et al updates which are massive “updates” but there are thousands of minor changes that happen and make a difference in your rankings. Part of our job is to keep abreast of these adjustments in the algorithms and adjust the SEO process we use to rank your site.

5) You are but one person. We have a complete team of professionals making up an SEO Service Infrastructure which works in a variety of areas to make sure that your site rankings are managed properly and the changes that are done by the search engines are accounted for and proper adjustments are made to counter them.

So, if you are looking to generate more targeted traffic to your websites, put your competitors in the rear view mirror and make more money from your websites, and you don’t want to deal with thee nitty gritty, then you need the Linkpushing team on your sideline backing you up. You need our SEO strategies, our behind the scenes infrastructure, our extensive and ever growing knowledge and a level of customer service that will put you at ease and make you comfortable knowing that your site is in good hands.

2nd Tier Linkpushing

Here is where we are fine with automation in the Linkpushing process and these links can be used as Tier 2 or Tier 3 links.  Under no circumstances would I recommend that one use these direct to a site unless it was a churn and burn site and you needed a push.

They will help push your Tier 2 and Tier 3 links to give them added juice that would flow to your money site and also help in getting those hard to index links to index.

The process is 100% automated using a variance of some of the available tools in the marketplaces and I would only recommend that you use generic anchor text as well (click here, click to read more, check out this site, etc). Continue reading

Branded Link Packages

One thing that used to bother me was when I would be searching for others using my brand name and found it being used in a way that diluted the product or service I offered or misrepresented it altogether.

Our Brand Protection service will help to keep your brand clean as well as give you links from respected properties.

Look at it as proactive reputation management and something that will help keep your name front and center in many different platforms.  Although this is a proactive reputation management thing, it is also great for SEO as you are going to get a diverse set of backlinks to your sites on platforms that will protect your brand from someone leeching.

There are hundreds of sites that one can use for this but many will only accept your Twitter or Facebook links and, although there is some value there, I don’t see it as a premium and thus don’t use those sites in our service.

What kinds of sites are these?

Essentially they are  Social Networks that many use to brand themselves and you can use these to expand your reach in many instances.  They are generally prominent sites that many of us have heard of and that many of us use on a regular basis.

An expanded presence will give Google an expanded vision of who you are and what you are all about.  Google will see that you have a presence on some very large sites and not just on sites that are used by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

In addition to that you will be protecting your brand from someone who is in the same niche or industry and not allowing them to use you to make money from your efforts to grow a quality business.

Don’t let your competitors use you!

So, What do we actually get?

We will provide for you over 80 accounts on select sites that will have your url (naked link which is great for backlink diversification), a bio that describes who you are and/or what you offer, a logo where permitted (most allow the logo), the username you prefer (we suggest your business or site name), and where allowed we will also add in your Twitter link and Facebook page.

Top that off with a complete report including usernames and passwords, DA and PA and you own the accounts!

You don’t have to deal with 80+ email validations, filling out a bunch of forms, uploading your logo over and over again… my staff does that for you and it is done manually and quality checked by a second person.

So, what does this cost?

The service is only  97.00 and takes about 8 – 10 days to complete as it is a manual process because automated process don’t always cut it for this kind of thing.

That works out to about 1.20 per link on sites that range from DA 26 to DA 97 and PA from 34 to PA 99.  Pretty fair pricing for something that gives you a decent naked link as well as protects your brand.

How do I know that automated won’t work?

We tried it several different ways and it always ended up where some properties did not take and we figured enough was enough and let’s do this in a way that our clients will be shielded from the failure of automation.  If it could be automated we are the guys that could have figured that out but enough test failures indicated that manual was the way to go.

Why does it take so long for completion?

All good things come to those who wait.  Actually we want to make sure that what we are providing is done correctly so rushing things is not in your best interest.

Isn’t $1.20 a link rather high?

I don’t think so because you are getting links on solid sites as well as crowding out any competition from taking your name and using their sites to make money off of your back.  Few things suck as much as you working hard to build a quality brand and then have some clown come and take advantage of your hard work.

Do you provide a complete report or one of those truncated ones where I have to search Google to find them?

You get a complete report with all the sites, your profile links, and username and password as those are owned by you should you decide to enhance them.

OK, what are these high DA/Pa sites?

Some of the sites in this package are Github, Reddit, Discus, Buzzfeed, Pastebin, Ted, Bandcamp, Wikidot and a whole slew of others.

What kinds of sites/business should use this service?

Anything that you are considering to own on a somewhat long term basis will benefit from this and even if you are going to build something to flip this will be good as it is a great selling point for your sales pitch.  Also, it is something that you absolutely should be doing for your own personal name should you want to protect that from scoundrels.

OK, I’m convinced, how do I purchase?

Just click here and after payment it will take you to our order form where you will add in the details and we can get going on serving you and protecting and enhancing your brand name.


Manually Created Web 2.0s

Hand Crafted Web 2.0 Properties

Web 2.0s do not possess the same link juice they did back in 2010 when I first started Linkpushing but they still have a place in the SEO society.  They provide visibility, diversification, some link juice and aid to some level in providing camouflage SEO.

If you are looking for straight up solid Web 2.0s that offer 75% unique content (Google is fine with that) with images and log in credentials, then this is the service for you. In fact I would be surprised if you were not looking for this that it would not be for you anyway.

SEO is a funny thing in that Google does not always want to see your site linked from sites that are Private Blog Networks and likes to see that you play well with others by being on a variety of public properties as are Web 2.0s.  At one time they were the backbone of the SEO industry and still have their place and I suspect will always have some place in the Google algorithm as time moves forward.

What comes with this package?

We offer a 50 Web 2.0 package for only 3.00 per Web 2.0 and that includes content using Article Builder, an appropriate image, unique page title, different themes for each Web 2.0, a do follow link placed in different locations to avoid a footprint and a different username/name for each property.

In addition to that you get all the log in credentials in the event that you want to build them out and turn them into a mini private blog network!

This is a great way to start SEO without spending a lot of money and an excellent opportunity to be able to build out a series of properties that will have a decent footprint for your site and brand.

And for only 3.00 a site you really cannot get a better bang for your buck when it comes to a quality Web 2.0 property that you can control.

Click Here to get the ball rolling and some quality Web 2.0s in your backlink arsenal!

CornerStone Link Packages

Foundation Link Packages

Every site need a platform of links that are strong enough to stand the hurricane force winds that Google sends when their algorithm changes.  Cornerstone Tiered Links is exactly that platform.

We look at Cornerstone Links as those that are the building blocks that any website should have it’s base on.  They are links that have a foundation that Google is surely not going to ever have a problem with as they are Google’s own links!

We take Google and use them as a platform and then add in other authority links as well as social signals to give you the Mutual Fund of backlinks.  You have such diversity in there that should Google devalue one aspect it will not have a major effect due to the variety of links in the packages we offer.

Random Chaos on a Variety of Platforms

If you know me at all you know that I am one who believes in random chaos when it comes to internal linking and I apply that to this particular service so there is not going to be a footprint from one site to another or to client to another.

You’ll end up with a variety of powerful Google sites, Web 2.0s, Social Properties, Tweets from strong Twitter accounts, Blog Comments, Contextual Links and all slammed with a third tier of  thousands of mixed links to push all your links to get Google to see them, crawl them and index them. Continue reading