Edu and Gov Links

Links from .EDU and .GOV sites add significant authority to a site and are something one should add in as part of a complete backlink infrastructure.

They will not skyrocket your site to the top of Google in minutes, nor will any other links for that matter, but having them as part of your infrastructure is imperative in order to build authority, add SEO value and increase the diversity of your back links.  A diverse and balanced backlink profile is something that Google takes into account and adds to the overall picture when Google is ranking your site.

These types of links are also safe for a new site and great for an established one as well so you can feel comfortable using them for any site that you need to rank in Google.

We offer two levels of service and both come with a third party indexing service at no extra charge.  We drip feed them though so that you do not have instant Continue reading

Branded Link Packages

One thing that used to bother me was when I would be searching for others using my brand name and found it being used in a way that diluted the product or service I offered or misrepresented it altogether.

Our Brand Protection service will help to keep your brand clean as well as give you links from respected properties.

Look at it as proactive reputation management and something that will help keep your name front and center in many different platforms.  Although this is a proactive reputation management thing, it is also great for SEO as you are going to get a diverse set of backlinks to your sites on platforms that will protect your brand from someone leeching.

There are hundreds of sites that one can use for this but many will only accept your Twitter or Facebook links and, although there is some value there, I don’t see it as a premium and thus don’t use those sites in our service.

What kinds of sites are these?

Essentially they are  Social Networks that many use to brand themselves and you can use these to expand your reach in many instances.  They are generally prominent sites that many of us have heard of and that many of us use on a regular basis.

An expanded presence will give Google an expanded vision of who you are and what you are all about.  Google will see that you have a presence on some very large sites and not just on sites that are used by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

In addition to that you will be protecting your brand from someone who is in the same niche or industry and not allowing them to use you to make money from your efforts to grow a quality business.

Don’t let your competitors use you!

So, What do we actually get?

We will provide for you over 80 accounts on select sites that will have your url (naked link which is great for backlink diversification), a bio that describes who you are and/or what you offer, a logo where permitted (most allow the logo), the username you prefer (we suggest your business or site name), and where allowed we will also add in your Twitter link and Facebook page.

Top that off with a complete report including usernames and passwords, DA and PA and you own the accounts!

You don’t have to deal with 80+ email validations, filling out a bunch of forms, uploading your logo over and over again… my staff does that for you and it is done manually and quality checked by a second person.

So, what does this cost?

The service is only  97.00 and takes about 8 – 10 days to complete as it is a manual process because automated process don’t always cut it for this kind of thing.

That works out to about 1.20 per link on sites that range from DA 26 to DA 97 and PA from 34 to PA 99.  Pretty fair pricing for something that gives you a decent naked link as well as protects your brand.

How do I know that automated won’t work?

We tried it several different ways and it always ended up where some properties did not take and we figured enough was enough and let’s do this in a way that our clients will be shielded from the failure of automation.  If it could be automated we are the guys that could have figured that out but enough test failures indicated that manual was the way to go.

Why does it take so long for completion?

All good things come to those who wait.  Actually we want to make sure that what we are providing is done correctly so rushing things is not in your best interest.

Isn’t $1.20 a link rather high?

I don’t think so because you are getting links on solid sites as well as crowding out any competition from taking your name and using their sites to make money off of your back.  Few things suck as much as you working hard to build a quality brand and then have some clown come and take advantage of your hard work.

Do you provide a complete report or one of those truncated ones where I have to search Google to find them?

You get a complete report with all the sites, your profile links, and username and password as those are owned by you should you decide to enhance them.

OK, what are these high DA/Pa sites?

Some of the sites in this package are Github, Reddit, Discus, Buzzfeed, Pastebin, Ted, Bandcamp, Wikidot and a whole slew of others.

What kinds of sites/business should use this service?

Anything that you are considering to own on a somewhat long term basis will benefit from this and even if you are going to build something to flip this will be good as it is a great selling point for your sales pitch.  Also, it is something that you absolutely should be doing for your own personal name should you want to protect that from scoundrels.

OK, I’m convinced, how do I purchase?

Just click here and after payment it will take you to our order form where you will add in the details and we can get going on serving you and protecting and enhancing your brand name.


Press Release Services

Press Releases are good for several different things when it comes to SEO and your online presence.

For starters it enhances your online presence by putting you front and center in Google News as well as in hundreds of other news outlets that may not show in Google news.  That kind of presence gives your site authority and gives your clients peace of mind knowing that you are on highly reputable websites.

There is a possibility that you will get click through traffic. Sure, that is not a guarantee but should those that have an interest in the products or services you offer want to get more information they will certainly click through and then you have a targeted visitor.

Other Benefits of a Press Release

It is not uncommon for a Press Release to be shared by others as people who are like minded often share content with others in their social circles.  With social media as prolific as it is these days it is not out of the realm to find a link to your Press Release roaming around Facebook or Twitter.

Another benefit of a Press Release are links to your site.  Although some may tout them as super strong, I see them more of a link that gives your site authority as opposed to an extreme boost in your rankings and are part of a well balances SEO backlink profile.  Authority links do help and often can give you a leg up on your competition as well as aid you when it comes to Googles’ constant changes.

We offer 2 levels of service and each guarantees you inclusion into Google News.

For each we create the Press Release for you as we know what sort of content is acceptable and what would not fly and cause you PR to be rejected by some of the outlets.  Remember, we want to get you in as many as possible so that some can get picked up by some that read it and share with others as well as give Google the sense that you are a commodity that many news outlets are publishing your press release.


Gold Press Release Package

A 400+ word press release with 2 links in the PR linking to your site.  This package guarantees inclusion into Google News as well as over 300 other trusted news sites.  The press release can be general in nature or we can tailor it to an event or a product/service launch or what ever is newsworthy.  It will be promotional in nature but not to the point where it comes off as selling.

Turn around time is 8 – 10 days but can be sooner depending on volume and you are allowed 2 links as well as your logo should you want that in the press release.  Content is either written by Greg or one of his writers and then edited by Greg to ensure that what you are paying for is a top of the line product.

Click here to order! – 197.00


Platinum Press Release Package

You’ll get everything above in addition to more trusted news outlets plus inclusion in Reuters and Yahoo News.  Both of those sites are very strong and bring something to the table that you don’t see available every day on your average street corner.

You will end up with over 500 trusted news sites once the syndication is done and with Reuters and Yahoo News being in that mix you will gain a level of authority that will certainly catch Google’s eye. Turn times are about the same and the quality control process is also the same so you are sure to get something that will represent you and your firm and website well.

Click here to get into Reuters and Yahoo News + 500 other trusted news sites!  – 397.00


Do You Get a Report?

Absolutely you get reports for each of the Press Release levels we offer and that will be delivered to you in 8 – 10 days.

Are they all indexed?

Of course we cannot guarantee that Google will do anything other than close your adsense account down on a whim but you’ll see many indexed quickly and most indexed over time.  I personally don’t fret over the indexing as long as Google crawls the sites and catches my presence there.

Will this show in Bing as well?

Sure, the press releases will be picked up by Google’s little brother, Bing.  Bing wants to be like Google so it implements a lot of the same crawling and indexing features.

Can you name some of the sites the press release gets submitted to?

Of course; NY Times, Outbrain,, Houston Cronicle, The AP, Azcentral, Boston Herald, El Paso Times, NBC Right Now!, and many many more.

What kind of visitor volume do these sites get?

All told the Silver Package gets i the neighbor hood of 100 Million sets of eyes visiting their sites and over 170 Million for the Gold package.

I’m not sure which to buy, what do I do?

Shoot me an email with your website and what you want to accomplish with the Press Release and I’ll look things over and make a suggestion.

If you are looking to increase your online presence in a way that is professional and will bring authority to your site then you need to start a press release campaign and get your site in places that exude quality and power.


Guest Posting

Guest Posting Services

Today’s SEO environment one of the types of links that has legitimate value are links from publications that are respected by almost anyone and most certainly by Google, Bing and the other secondary search engines.

Guest posts can be an anchor in your SEO backlink infrastructure much like an anchor tenant in a strip center or an indoor mall.  Once you have that anchor building around it can give those ancillary links more respect in the eyes of Google et al because they are in the same backlink neighborhood.

That commonality is not missed by Google and if you are not using Guest Posting as part of your SEO process you may be doing your other links a disservice and in turn not getting all you can out of all you are doing.

With that in mind we have access to many sites whereby we can get links from that are sites that have strong Domain Authority (DA) and could have a positive effect on your sites over the long haul.

Bear in mind that not every guest post opportunity is a good fit for a site as many opportunities do not have content or a theme that would relate to your domain, niche or vision.

Should you have an interest in guest posting please fill out the form below and hit “send”.

I’ll get it and have a look and see what we have that makes sense to help you get your site pushed to the top of Google and the other search engines.