Amazon Site Related to The Pet Niche

We are on the edge of completing an Amazon site that is related to the pet niche with 10,000 ~ words that should make you some decent cash.  In that it is an evergreen niche it should be good for you for years.

Although I initially targeted Amazon for this you can use Adsense also if you choose as it should pay pretty good for the kinds of keywords that we have targeted.

If you decide to use Amazon the average price of the product is in the $50.00 range and in the pet niche people have no problem spending money and Amazon is a trusted go to source for pet owners.

Here are some stats on the targeted keywords:

keyword: <redacted>
Searches Volume 1,064
CPC: $2.37

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Finance WebSite For Sale


Don’t be sad if you missed out on this as we are working on a few more for you, Folks.  Since all the sites are going to have varying amount of content, different keywords and different SEO in place there will be some variance in the pricing.

Here’s what the buyer said!

He had a few more things in that email but they were specific to the site and the vision for the site, asked what I thought he should do going forward, etc and since they are site specific I did not include them.

I’m so looking forward to see the new owners rock and roll with this site and see them successful on a variety of levels!

Feel free to pop back on here now and then to see the next one I put up for sale!


Over 35,000 words with just a few published ready to go.

Low competition (see link below) and sure to be able to be easy to rank.

This could be a real money maker without having to do a ton of SEO and we are currently building out some SEO as it stands and the SEO alone is worth well over $450.00.

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Amazon Sites

It is pretty much common knowledge in the internet marketing world that Amazon is thee industry leader in eCommerce and having an affiliate relationship is one of the easiest ways to piggyback onto that monster that just keeps growing.

The money one can make from being an Amazon affiliate can truly be a nice passive income even with a low amount of trtaffic and if you have a series of sites targeting a variety of niches, or a series of sites targeting related niches, you could  very well be sitting in tall cotton.

We have a crew that finds keywords that are great for Amazon that are fairly low competition and writers on our team that provide marketable content for the Amazon Sites we offer and since we do this in decent volume we can offer pricing that is quite reasonable.

Some of the features of the sites we offer:

  • You choose the niche
  • Friendly on page SEO
  • 5,000 + words on each site
  • Main keyword a minimum of 1500 monthly searches
  • At least 5 LSI keywords
  • About us, contact us, privacy pages included
  • Responsive mobile friendly sites
  • High click through layouts
  • Installed on your hosting
  • WordPress based sites so you can add to them if you choose

We price our sites at 137.00 and usually deliver them to you inside of 10 days so that you are good to go as quickly as possible.

You’ll end up with a nice looking site that is attractive and set up to rank with keywords that are excellent for Amazon set up on your host at a very good price point.

To take advantage of this offer click here to buy now and after payment you’ll be asked a few questions so that we can get the ball rolling and put an attractive money site in your hands in a reasonable amount of time.