Facebook Groups With Almost 200K Members For Sale

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I know that many of you have seen me sharing about how I bank on FB but many of you do not know that I have a whole slew of groups under my control and will after this sale as well.


I’m looking to divest some of the groups (I’ll probably sell off the rest next year)  I Admin because my VA, who I love and trust without any reservations, is moving forward and she no longer has the time to manage these for me plus I’m going in a different direction and eliminating some of the workload I have on my plate.
So with her moving on, and I hope she KILLS it, I need to either get another VA or make adjustments in what I do on a daily basis and managing all these groups is not in my day to day.
If you know how to make money with groups this is a stupendous opportunity as you would control the group from A – Z.  If you do not know how to make money with groups this could be an opportunity for you to learn but not from me as I’m not going to mentor or coach the buyer.
Some of these groups are growing pretty fast and some are growing slowly but the are all growing so there is always going to be fresh blood for you to market to.

You can advertise or rent the banner, do the same with the pinned post, sell a DM to all the new members to someone or just do all of that with your own offers.
Here is a general break down of the groups (they are all USA based):
The time to manage them is about 60 minutes a day if you want to keep them clean and much less if you don’t care about people spamming in the groups:  we have always tried our best to keep the spam out so the groups have legitimate value to the members + I’m not a fan of the FB scammers that are out there.
This is a nice opportunity for the hands on IMer of the person who knows how to use these to make money and has a VA to handle that aspect of things.
Transferring them is easy;  I’ll make you an admin, you take my admin status away.  You can leave me in the group or boot me if you want as it is now your group.
No refund should you decide to do this and any questions you can hit me at and I’ll do my best to answer your inquiries to the best of my abilities.
Price is $1,900.00 and that is probably a steal to those of you that know the FB game.
You should be if you know how to work FB groups as this is a good opportunity for someone in that field.  Hit me up if this is something that will fit into your life –