Introducing Our New Project Manager!

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While getting ready to ramp it up in 2019 I realized that to give the best service possible I needed to get someone who has solid IM experience, knows the products and services I offer and has top notch customer service skills.

Introducing Rocky, Linkpushing’s new Project Manager.

I’ve known and done business with Rocky for years and perhaps as far back as when I started Linkpushing in July 2010 and before.  He has always been a class act and was not afraid to give things a try even if they looked like they might be hard.  His decisions to try some of the harder aspects of Im and succeed indicate that he will find a way if possible and is comfortable being uncomfortable in the IM industry.

Rocky began his Internet Marketing career in 2007 and did a bunch of spamming for fun before realizing that the spamming he was doing could be turned into revenue so he took the easiest way to generate revenue from his traffic and hooked up with Google’s Adsense platform.

Once he saw that spamming worked he created a blog with Google Trends as his basis for content ideas and was quite successful as he saw an opportunity to benefit from the information that Google shared and wrote content that was applicable.  That got him ranked, got him targeted traffic and put cash in his pocket.

During that same period of time Rocky started to build news sites that he submitted to Google News and got accepted.  News sites, as many of you know, rank real well and get get serious traffic for just one article.

Clearly you can see he is a content guy and is all about making sure that what he puts out is appreciated by the search engines and that is one of the reasons he and I work well together.  I’m all about quality content, he has a history of building sites with quality content.

Rocky is not a one trick pony, he was also the co-founder of an APP that went viral; not a lot of people have that skill set but he did that with a partner and they did extremely well when it took off.

Rocky lives with his wife and his 2 year old daughter who is cuter than you could possibly believe and has a darling Golden Retriever.

I’m looking forward to thee neext bunch of years working with him and I’m sure you’ll be glad he is aboard as he will enhance and fill in gaps for our clients here at