Why Backlinks Matter

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The Reason We Use Backlinks To Rank Sites.

Over the last few years, SEO has evolved into levels where the past techniques for achieving better search engine results are not effective anymore. These techniques include keyword stuffing, adding low quality content on your website and creating a massive number of backlinks on irrelevant pages. However, high quality backlinks are still (and will always be) something that will dominate the entire SEO process. So if you’re new into an online business market, considering a good backlinks building strategy should be a big deal for your business.

Search engines consider backlinks as votes for a website and therefore more votes will lead to the better chance of ranking your page. However, this process is much more complex than it sounds. It’s not essentially the quantity of links pointing to your website but the quality of those links. In simple words, you should aim to build links on high authority websites with

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relevance to your content. In order to track the authority of any particular page or a website, you may use tools such as MOZ and Majestic.

Now the links pointing back to your website can be further divided into 2 main sub-categories:

Dofollow links
Nofollow links

Each of these links has their own way of contributing to the overall success of your SEO campaign.

Dofollow links:

All websites contain an element known as “link juice”. This link juice helps the website to get a better placement on search engines. In short, the more link juice you point to any particular page, the better it will rank on search engines. The easiest method for acquiring link juice is to create dofollow backlinks. When you create a dofollow backlink for your page on any high authority website, some of its link juice will start getting shared to your page.

It’s true that dofollow backlinks hold a major stake in improving your search engine ranking; you still need to be very careful and picky about the pages you’re building the links on. This requires reasonable research about that website and page. Most common elements for research include:

Number of outbound links on that page: It’s best to have a low number of outbound links on that page.

Backlinks of that page: Make sure that this page doesn’t have backlinks on spammy websites which are likely to get hurt by search engine algorithms.

Nofollow links:

Nofollow backlinks don’t pass on the link juice but they are still very useful to cover other aspects of SEO. Giant search engines (such as Google) give more preference to the websites that have implemented a natural link building strategy. This refers to the websites which keep a good ratio of both nofollow and dofollow backlinks. In the long run, this strategy can help you to keep your link building strategy under the radar.

In addition to that, nofollow backlinks can also help to increase your overall domain and page authority as well as driving referral traffic to your website.

When we talk about link building in general, there are other important elements that we need to take care of. For the last few years, social signals have proved to play an important role in the link building strategy. You might be familiar with the social networks widget on blog posts which helps us to easily share the content on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc profiles. Well, that’s exactly what social signals are. This strategy has been experimented by many different bloggers (Cognitiveseo , Sociocaster) and it has always proved to be very useful. Social signals not only helps to drive referral traffic to your website but they also increase the authority, trustworthiness score and your rankings on search engines.

The Bottom Line

In order to run a successful online business, it’s very important to learn and utilize digital marketing strategies for your blog or website. High quality content and high quality backlinks go hand to hand therefore you must try not to miss out in either one of them. In this article we’ve pretty much covered only the basic stuff about backlinks. As a beginner, you will be required to do reasonable research about building backlinks before you could start implementing the techniques. On an important note, building backlinks is an ongoing process which requires time and determination. It could be weeks (if not months) before you could start seeing the success of your SEO campaign. However in the end, it always turns out to be something worthwhile.