Edu and Gov Links


Edu and Gov Links

Links from .EDU and .GOV sites add significant authority to a site and are something one should add in as part of a complete backlink infrastructure.

They will not skyrocket your site to the top of Google in minutes, nor will any other links for that matter, but having them as part of your infrastructure is imperative in order to build authority, add SEO value and increase the diversity of your back links.  A diverse and balanced backlink profile is something that Google takes into account and adds to the overall picture when Google is ranking your site.

These types of links are also safe for a new site and great for an established one as well so you can feel comfortable using them for any site that you need to rank in Google.

We offer two levels of service and both come with a third party indexing service at no extra charge.  We drip feed them though so that you do not have instant indexing as that is usually not the best option when increasing the backlinks to a site.

These are high DA sites and over time will do wonders for your sites at a price point that almost anyone would consider reasonable

About Our Package

Our Silver Package offers 25 various EDU and GOV links to your site and is a great starter package for a site or a nice addition to what you are already doing to rank your sites.  The 25 links are only 57.77 and you can purchase them here.

Once you purchase you will be directed to a page to fill out the required information so our team can get the ball rolling for you so please take the time to enter your information so we can serve you properly.

The Gold Package will deliver a variety of  50 EDU and GOV links and can give you a nice boost in Google for almost any type of site.  Those 50 links are only 97.77 and can be purchased by clicking here and after payment please fill out the form you get directed to so that we can serve you properly.

Bear in mind that this takes as long as 10 days to complete and that the third party service we employ to get the links indexed does it using a drip fed process so that you do not have a ton of SEO hitting your sites instantly and gives Google a better overall picture of you working your sites on a regular basis.