Corner Stone Link Packages


Foundation Link Packages

Every site need a platform of links that are strong enough to stand the hurricane force winds that Google sends when their algorithm changes.  Cornerstone Tiered Links is exactly that platform.

We look at Cornerstone Links as those that are the building blocks that any website should have it’s base on.  They are links that have a foundation that Google is surely not going to ever have a problem with as they are Google’s own links!

We take Google and use them as a platform and then add in other authority links as well as social signals to give you the Mutual Fund of backlinks.  You have such diversity in there that should Google devalue one aspect it will not have a major effect due to the variety of links in the packages we offer.

Random Chaos on a Variety of Platforms

If you know me at all you know that I am one who believes in random chaos when it comes to internal linking and I apply that to this particular service so there is not going to be a footprint from one site to another or to client to another.

You’ll end up with a variety of powerful Google sites, Web 2.0s, Social Properties, Tweets from strong Twitter accounts, Blog Comments, Contextual Links and all slammed with a third tier of  thousands of mixed links to push all your links to get Google to see them, crawl them and index them.

If you want a diverse powerful link package that uses Modern Day Linkpushing Technology, this is something you should order today.

Answers to Your Questions

Am I Guaranteed to rank?

Although I can’t guarantee this will rank your site, I have not had an instance where a person’s site did not experience a very nice jump when employing this process.  The packages will also increase the authority of your site so that the rankings you do experience will not fall off the table should Google decide to update their wacky algorithm in the future.

The diversity in the links is massive, the content is handwritten, and this can be used on new or old sites because of the nature of the links and the way we tier them. It is also good for local SEO if you have a site that is tied to a brick and mortar.

One URL and 5 KWs is what is suggested for these links although there are instances where it makes sense to use another inner URL so you can add that in the order form.

This process takes time so it will be 6 –  8 weeks by the time it is complete as tiered work requires time to do it properly and we drip feed much of it as I’m sure you can appreciate.

You will receive a complete report with all the activity we have done for you and I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

How about new sites?  Will it work for them?

It sure will.  One of the things about using quality sites for backlinks is that you have almost no issues for new sites and in fact I put most of my clients that have new sites into these right away.

How many Urls can I use?

I recommend one URL but if you wanted to add a second one have at it.  It has to be the same domain though or you could end up with Google issues and I’ll surely not accept the order.  It would be a disservice to take that when I know it is a bad practice so if you want to use 2 URLs make sure they are from the same Domain.

What is the limit on Keywords?

I’d have between 3 and 5 for the smaller package and between 6 and 9 for the larger one.  If you are a new site I would recommend that you use generic anchor text as opposed to the keywords you want to rank so that your backlink portfolio is not spammy looking with all exact match anchors.


I like everything about the way you do business –  even from originally helping me with my site at no cost – Its little things like thatthat a lot of people don’t do these days. Anyway Thanks again. And thanks for the work you are doing beacuse whatever it is, its working

David S

Perth UK

I am very satisfied with the current results, great wor. I am glad I connected him with good SEO sincethe previous one was a disaster as you know and was about to destroy reputation with that client.

Boris Z

Toronto CA

Since you have been working on our site. We have increased the average number of calls for new membership for the club from 3.2 new calls a day to 8.7 new calls a day on average. That is doing wonders for my bottom lines and my sales people are thrilled with the new leads.

Tony V

Jacksonville FL