Manually Created Web 2.0s


Hand Crafted Web 2.0 Properties

Web 2.0s do not possess the same link juice they did back in 2010 when I first started Linkpushing but they still have a place in the SEO society.  They provide visibility, diversification, some link juice and aid to some level in providing camouflage SEO.

If you are looking for straight up solid Web 2.0s that offer 75{0121ba783fe80e93397cf8ad30639dceaed4cc515b4ebb4b9add334bed56319a} unique content (Google is fine with that) with images and log in credentials, then this is the service for you. In fact I would be surprised if you were not looking for this that it would not be for you anyway.

SEO is a funny thing in that Google does not always want to see your site linked from sites that are Private Blog Networks and likes to see that you play well with others by being on a variety of public properties as are Web 2.0s.  At one time they were the backbone of the SEO industry and still have their place and I suspect will always have some place in the Google algorithm as time moves forward.

What comes with this package?

We offer a 50 Web 2.0 package for only 3.00 per Web 2.0 and that includes content using our writers, an appropriate image, unique page title, different themes for each Web 2.0, a do follow link placed in different locations to avoid a footprint and a different username/name for each property.

In addition to that you get all the log in credentials in the event that you want to build them out and turn them into a mini private blog network!

This is a great way to start SEO without spending a lot of money and an excellent opportunity to be able to build out a series of properties that will have a decent footprint for your site and brand.

And for only 3.00 a site you really cannot get a better bang for your buck when it comes to a quality Web 2.0 property that you can control.